Chaz Consulting offers customized consulting to individuals, organizations, nonprofits, and businesses in the areas of training, team building, wellness, effective communication, conflict resolution and quality improvement. In striving for long-lasting results, we seek to share strategies with our clients that they can adapt and reuse in future situations. Chaz works with organizations in a partnership relationship known as “process consulting” and “process facilitation”. This supportive combination of coaching, consulting and training allows her to achieve concrete outcomes with clients to improve communication, resolve conflicts, or strategically plan for a desirable future. Process consulting is a “big picture” approach considering such factors as the current organizational climate, the role of multiple players and the nature of the project. It helps clients navigate smoothly through the many minefields of workaday life. Through process consultation, Chaz helps clients become more aware of not only what they do, but how they’re doing it.  Chaz Consulting help clients monitor their overall progress as they make progress towards their immediate goal or strategic mission.