Group Facilitation

Chaz Consulting offers customized facilitation to groups seeking to engage in strategic planning, make important decisions, resolve internal conflicts or to participate in creative brainstorming.  We work with groups in the public and private sector including corporations, school districts, governmental agencies, and nonprofits. Chaz adapts her facilitation to meet the needs and outcomes of each group. She often conducts needs assessments or personal interviews with key players before the actual meeting to gain vital background information and design the most effective agenda. Chaz utilizes the Framework of Facilitation™ and team building techniques with every group she convenes. As Chaz facilitates, she takes into account where each group is at in the stages of group development. Since group development is such a crucial, yet often invisible process, Chaz applies her special blend of process facilitation to achieve optimal results. Chaz designs end-of-program surveys when requested to evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting. Chaz also designs and implements 1-3 day retreats for organizations.