Instructional Design

Chaz Consulting provides customized program design to organizations in search of a single training program or a total curriculum.  Chaz Consulting can help your organization by developing training seminars, self-paced learner units, and assessment tools.  We also provide video and multi-media production.  Partnering with our team of associates allows us to offer customized web-based training design and on-line classes.

Sample Project: Design, Development and Delivery of Advanced Level Training Program

Chaz designed and developed the new program, “Versatility @ Work”, for the Cahners TRACOM Group as a follow-up to their original SOCIAL STYLE training.  This advanced level class was intended for clients who were already familiar with the SOCIAL STYLE MODEL™ of interpersonal communication and had incorporated it into the their work culture.  After extensive research of previous content and working closely with clients to finalize new material, Chaz wrote the accompanying Participant Manual and Facilitator Guide.  Based around the theme of a corporate merger, Chaz developed original role-play scenarios designed to stimulate small group interaction and to practice new skills at just the right time.  She also designed original instructional aids including the Style Dial and the Versatility Planner.  Chaz delivered to the original program to test audiences in Denver, CO, Peoria, IL (Caterpillar International) and Winston-Salem, NC  (BB&T Bank).

Outcome – The program provided Cahners with an add-on product to market and sell to new and existing clients.  It also formalized the development of new material into the SOCIAL STYLE MODEL™ and provided much needed instructional tools for participants to internalize new concepts.