Strategic Planning

Chaz Consulting offers both training and implementation for organizations desiring strategic planning. We work with organizations to determine both their desirable future (Vision) and unique purpose (Mission). We strive to channel the creativity of individual employees into a comprehensive action plan that allows them to position themselves to best meet business and client needs.  Chaz Consulting also combines elements of team building into the strategic planning process, so that individual goals and organizational goals are merged into a dynamic plan that enhances productivity, unleashes creativity and leads to superior results.

Sample Project: Visioning/Strategic Planning

Chaz was the process consultant for a year-long strategic planning project for the state of North Dakota’s Department of Human Services.  Chaz facilitated a three-day Visioning Summit for more than 65 delegates from various North Dakota agencies.  The Summit brought together persons of diverse points of view and also included tribal representation.  Prior to the Summit, Chaz analyzed surveys from every region of the state and developed the content for a Power Point presentation, which graphically portrayed over-arching themes.  During the Summit, Chaz facilitated the development of Vision and Mission statements and designed the agenda to allow for large and small group work.  During the small committee work, the delegates began crafting long-term goals and objectives that Chaz later refined into a cohesive document.

Outcome –  The result of the Summit was “Growing Futures: the North Dakota Five Year Visioning Plan”, which was widely distributed throughout the state and is currently being implemented with strong bipartisan support.  The existence of a well-articulated, long range plan enabled the state to make rapid progress toward achieving their goals.  New groups have been formed to carry on the work outlined in the plan. “Growing Futures” was so successful that two neighboring states are currently planning Visioning Summits similar to North Dakota’s.