Chaz offers the following seminars to clients in the public and private sector.

How to Avoid Email Snafus

This three-hour seminar is based on Chaz’s self-paced workbook. Chaz shows clients how to apply the GUTS™  Model to their everyday email communication and enhance working relationships. Through a variety of writing exercises, participants learn how to write effective emails that will increase their effectiveness and decrease their stress.

The GUTS Model of Conflict Resolution™

Have you ever been at a loss for words during a conflict?  Do you avoid conflict at all costs?  Are there conflicts on your team?  Dealing with conflict is not easy.  It takes time, a willingness to communicate and a basic level of trust.  The GUTS™  Model of Conflict Resolution will enable you to: develop strategies for opening up a difficult issue, practice empathic listening skills, and use a communication style which is not passive or aggressive but assertive.  During this session we will practice using GUTS™ in a safe and friendly atmosphere!  (half-day or full-day seminar)

Who Nurtures the Nurturer?©

This interactive seminar is designed to energize and inspire people who work for small businesses, non-profits or in the public sector.  When workers are continually in the business of helping others, they often neglect their own needs and experience “burn-out”.  Chaz will enable participants to revisit their commitment to their work and develop a plan to bring balance and nurturance into their lives.
(half-day or full-day seminar)

Team Building: Are You Ready?

Many groups call themselves a “team” but are they really?  In this seminar, participants will learn what really makes a “team” different from a working group, the stages of team development and the 8 Secrets of Team Building.  Through fun and interactive small group lessons, participants will also experience team building while they learn about it. (half-day or full-day seminar)

Making the Most of Your Meetings: An Introduction to Group Facilitation

Have you ever sat through meetings that went on and on?  And had no clear outcome?  This seminar will show you how to lead effective meetings that are done on time!  Chaz will use the Framework of Facilitation™  to lead participants through a meeting structure that is easy to follow and leads to productive meetings. (1.5 hours – 3 hours)

Getting to Collaboration

Working effectively with others is usually expected in the workplace, yet how many of us have actually had training in this most complex of interpersonal skills?  This seminar will explain the differences between coordination, cooperation and collaboration.  Participants will have the opportunity to practice skills at each level. (1.5 hours – 3 hours)