The GUTS™ Model

GUTSThe GUTS™ Model of Conflict Resolution is a communication strategy the people can easily understand and use. Chaz developed the GUTS™ Model when she was consulting with a group of clients who were locked in conflict.  By using the GUTS™ process, they began to listen to each other over time and develop true understanding. The GUTS™ Model of Effective Communication is closely related and was developed to improve communication in the workplace.

The GUTS™ Model will allow you to:

  • Use “gentle confrontation” to achieve positive results
  • Develop strategies for opening up a dialogue with another person
  • Listen with understanding
  • Talk to others without attacking them or their interests
  • Use a communication style that is assertive, not passive or aggressive
  • Find ways to keep the door open so communication can continue
  • Use a conflict resolution strategy that encourages relationship building

Chaz offers half-day or full-day training seminars in the GUTS™ Model. Her self-paced workbook, “How to Avoid Email Snafus”, is also based on the GUTS™ Model.